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Join the Unpaper Revolution!

Our Unpaper and Resuable Products are engineered with longevity and re-usability in mind. By melding the idea of a green concept with a budget-friendly price, we strive to create products that can outlast more traditional, mass manufactured methods and still fit into most budgets with ease.  While we may not be able to eliminate all the waste that throwaway products can create, we do try our best to lessen their impact. By offering eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional kitchen sponge and paper towels, we are attempting to be kinder to both your pocketbook and the planet. 

We are striving to be a greener company in a greener world, but that does have its challenges. We would love to be a zero waste entity and are moving closer to that eventual goal every day, but it is much more difficult than it may seem. One way we are fighting to do this is by using recycled packaging and shipping materials whenever we can. We only purchase recycled boxes and bags, and actively encourage recycling all of our shipping and packaging materials.  We are researching new fillers (or middles) for our Unsponges as well as hoping to soon package exclusively in biodegradable plastic bags.  Our outlook is quite simple. If we all do what we can, where we are and with what we have (love that Roosevelt quote by the way), tomorrow will be better than today. That is what we are doing and what we encourage each of you to do as well. Thank you for going on the Revolutionary journey with us!  

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