#30DaysofThankful - Love


Yes, let’s start our #30DaysofThankful with the ooey-gooey! Yep, I am one of those awesome people who is really in love with their partner. My husband, who I refer to as Hubs, is amazing. He’s caring, devoted, funny, smart, and spoils me rotten. We may not have a ton of money (or really any extra at the moment) but we have a good life. We enjoy spending time with each other and are often so in sync, it’s a bit frightening.  

We just celebrated 7 years of marriage and are coming up on 15 years together total. I am one of those truly blessed people who met the love of my life young (as a senior in high school in fact) and treasure everyday I get to spend with him. He is by far what I am most thankful for and a great place to start our 30 Days of Thankful Series.