#30DaysofThankful - A Hand

This may seem like an odd concept to be on a #30DaysofThankful list but I am and always have been truly thankful for the ability to work with my hands. Growing up in Dad’s woodshop, I learned an appreciation for handmade early on. I was constantly building, taking apart, recreating and fixing everything I could get my hands on (and not get in trouble for).


When my crafty grandma gave me my first skein of yarn and crochet hook, I was hooked (haha)! She taught me some simple stitches and I learned from there and didn’t stop. I often slowed down during high school, but I never completely put my love of the art away. When I was searching for myself I was welcomed back into the warm fibrous arms of crochet.

It’s thanks to my hands that I am able to provide for my family and create beautiful items filled with love, hope, and dreams. Each stitch or cut of fabric is another promise of a better tomorrow, for the Crazy house and the world.