Welcome to our new site! <3 <3


Hello!!  Jessi here! I just wanted to drop in and say a quick hello! Welcome to our new site! It is similar to our older one in a few ways, but like a gazillion (yep I went there) times better! You can now see all of our products on the main page, but are still able to go to the individual stores with their direct links if you choose (I’ll be including them below as well as on our linktree as soon as all the domains are synced). :) Checkout is simple and you can even save your settings for a quicker checkout process!!

You asked, and we listened! We are now offering sitewide Free Domestic Shipping! We took a long hard look at our processes and costs and decided to jump in and give back to our awesome customers! So thank you guys for being an awesome and driving force behind our business!

We have added a new store as well! Our Wearables section is part of our new Created By Crazy lines! We have partnered with a production partner. We design the items and they print them! How awesome is that!? It is letting us totally flex some different creative muscles! <3 <3

All righty guys, that is all for now! I am headed back to work and will check in later this week!

Yarn Over and Out,