A Few Small Things Giveaway-September

Hey all!! September is finally here. I thought August would NEVER end. It just seemed to drag on and on and on...well you get the idea. To kick off the upcoming fall season, we are having a giveaway, so read on for more details!


As many of you (hopefully) know by now, we here at the Crazy House REALLY want to encourage small, positive changes that help add up to bigger, planet sized differences. We truly believe if everyone can change a few small things in their daily lives, that those changes can make a huge difference in the long run.

In an effort to help others make those small changes, each month we are going to offer a giveaway to help out! This month we are giving away 4 sets of Stainless Steel Reusable Straws (on 4 different platforms read on)!! The Crazy House has been using them for almost 2 months now and while it can be a bit of a struggle to remember them when we leave the house, we have successfully cut our plastic straw usage down to near zero!

Stars have been found to be one of the leading plastic polluters that eventually end up in the oceans. I had plans to link an article here but ever the “do our own research” type, just Google plastic straws in oceans articles. There a ton of them. This is a great topic for our first A Few Small Things Giveaway because it is already at the forefront of the small lifestyle changes that an help rebuild our planet. Moving to reusable or biodegradable options when you can is an awesome, small change you can make and we want to help you.

So, we are offering up 4 chances to win a set of 4 Stainless Steel Reusable Straws!  

  1. The first way is to share this blog post and build some awareness. Simply Share it via any form of social media you want. Once shared, copy and paste the link below as a reply to the blog.  It really is that easy!

  2. On Instagram! Follow us on IG then simply Like the post, Tag a Friend, and Comment on the Post!   Enter HERE

  3. On our Facebook Page! Be sure to follow our page, then simply Like the Post, Tag a Friend and Share the Giveaway! Enter HERE

  4. In our Group! Join our group if you have not yet! Then simply Like the Post, Add a Friend (after checking with them if you are unsure) and Comment to let us know who you added! Join HERE and Enter HERE

It really is that simple! We will announce the winners September 18th so there is plenty of time to enter and share! My hope is that these will grow to be bigger and bigger each month allowing us to bring in more and more products and possibly other vendors that can help a few more people each month make a few small changes!!