How much can you REALLY save using our Unpaper Towels?

Over the years as we made more and more Unpaper Towels, I always had naysayers. Those people who REALLY didn’t think they would save money by purchasing our products or worse, that it was all just a gimmick so we could make money by selling a useless product.

As most of you hopefully know by now, both of those assumptions are so false it isn’t even funny. It was because of concerns like those above I began doing price breakdowns and Saving Summaries for people who REALLY wanted to know just how much they could save. More often than not the draw of dramatic savings was a much stronger point to make than the fact that less paper waste is better for the planet. Either way, these numbers were often used to sway a spouse or were the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back and made someone take the Unpaper Towel plunge.

I LOVE doing the breakdowns and working one on one, but I have always felt like I could do more. For every one person who requested a Savings Summary, how many passed on it thinking it was silly, not for them, wasted too much time or all of the above? So, I sat down and dug out my third favorite non-living thing after yarn and fabric, my spreadsheets (ok, really I guess I dug out my computer, but you get what I mean). :) If you don’t know I have a fairly Crazy obsession with spreadsheets (and balancing chemical equations). Odd, I know, but I do. I just love the flow and complex simplicity they have. They make me happy, but not happy enough to be an accountant have no fear.

Now, back on track. Normally when I do a Savings Summary I ask a few questions to give an accurate and honest summary. The better I can pinpoint costs, the more accurately I can estimate potential savings.

These are what I usually ask.

  1. Where do you live (zip code)?

  2. Where do you prefer to shop?

  3. What brand of paper towels do you prefer?

  4. Approximately how many rolls of paper towels do you use every week?

  5. Do you shop in bulk or use coupons?

See, straightforward but from there I can get a more exact price of what they normally pay per roll. Some people only buy paper towels once a month in an 8 pack but still use about 2 rolls per week while that same 8 pack could last someone alot longer (or less time if they have kiddos).

Where they live and shop can be a HUGE difference from state to state and even within different areas of the city. The same roll of paper towels that I could buy here in Washington, Missouri at Walmart for 97 cents could be double (or more) at a more affluent area with a Target closer to St. Louis. So location does matter, there was not a one size fits all Savings Summary until now.

Coupons and bulk purchases can skew the results a bit and may lead to less potential savings if the customer is an extreme couponer. As a reformed extreme couponer, I know it is a hard lifestyle to maintain for more than a few years. You run out of space pretty quick and having to continually educate yourself and cashiers is a tiresome chore.

So, with this information locked and loaded, I figured how much they would spend over a year, then 5 years and ultimately leading to what they could save over that time span. But, 5 years, why that length of time and 3 sets of Unpaper Towels? Well, that is how many sets we have found most people find the "right" number to gives them plenty of Unpaper Towels to rotate out with the washing. As for the 5 years, that is how long our 3 sets of “Control Unpaper Towels” have lasted. Actually so far it is 5 years and 4 months, but you get the idea. With proper care and staying away from puppy teeth (RIP 2 Dr. Who Unpaper Towels) and teen sisters learning to cook, our Unpaper Towels will easily last that long. I do plan to update the list after we see how they do through 6 years. As long as their quality and cleaning ability do not falter I’ll keep updating it every year to showcase and highlight even more savings!

So, with all this information, I had planned on doing a series of posts highlighting savings in different areas but was having trouble reconciling the numerous prices per brand since they vary so much from location to location when idea came to me! I could do a simple chart based solely on prices and ignore the brands all together! Then everyone could simply find the average price per roll they pay, how many rolls per week they use and voila! Instant savings! How cool is that?!  

Here’s what the chart looks like!! Isn’t it AWESOME! Aren’t you shocked by how much you could be saving?!


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I do plan to make a more interactive web version where people can move from one page to the next depending upon their answers, but right now, this works! Comment below what you think and how much you could save! And if you still want a custom Saving Summary, please feel free to reach out to me at and we can work together to get one tailor-made just for you!