Overhead Phone Photography Stand

Overhead Phone Photography Stand

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Easy up, easy down, easier overhead photos and videos! Our new Phone Photography stand makes getting those overhead shots, videos, and sneak peeks easier when shooting from your phone or tablet! Designed to capture the hands on of handcrafting, this handy device holds your phone steady so you can show the world what you can do!


Overhead Phone Photography Stand

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble

  • Measures 22" long, 13" wide and 15" tall

  • Made with 1/2" PVC pipe to be lightweight

  • Comes with storage bag and light fabric background

  • Open armed platform to attach your phone for added stability

  • NEW! Optional Tablet Extension Shelf for tablets and Ipad shots

  • NEW! Optional Height Extension Kit for wider shots


A Handcrafted Solution for the Handcrafted Artisan

Any handcrafted artist will tell you that photography can be the bane of their existence. Couple that with ever changing social media rules and trying to scratch out an living can be tough. Here in the Crazy house, we are always looking for new ways to expand our interactions with our fans and customers. One area I REALLY struggled in was getting awesome overhead shots and videos of my hands in action. Everyone loves the videos I posted of crocheting or cutting pieces but the sheer gymnastics and logistics of getting them were draining.  It was hard, but rather than lament, I brainstormed. I had seen a photo of a similar set up, but the components weren't mobile and they didn't break down easily. In our tiny house, I needed something I could put up and down with ease without a huge price tag, so the Overhead Phone Photography Stand was designed. After quite a bit of trial and error, I found the set up that works perfect for use and wanted to share it with other artisans who may be struggling as well.

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What makes it so special?

The PVC pipe we chose to work with is small and lightweight but durable. We do NOT glue the pieces together. This allows for the set up to be twisted, turned, wiggled and maneuvered how you need it to be angled. I was always shocked at how much a tiny wiggle improved a shot, something I could not achieve if the stand was glued and rigid. Obviously, it has its limits, but we found the free moving worked better for me, of course, you may glue yours if you so choose, I mean it’s yours! Once you find your perfect "spot" tightening all the pieces together for a sturdier fit allows for more stability. You can even turn your balcony around for a different or higher shot. Simply counter the weight of your phone by placing some weight on (or even in via sand, beans, weights, etc) the legs portion and voila! Need a taller stand for a wider shot and reach? Shoot us an email and let us work on a solution together!

Your Stand will come unassembled in its own mesh storage bag for ease of shipment. Don't worry, it comes labeled so the parts match up! We are also including a piece of vinyl in an eggshell color so you can start shooting right away on a light background. This is great to practice on until you can find your own style and way to utilize our Overhead Phone Photography Stand.

Looking for a taller set up?

Thanks to customer feedback and requests, we are now going to be offering extension kits. These kits will consist of 4 more pieces in your order (1 connector and 3 varied lengths of pipe) that will allow you to add 4", 8", or even 12" to your stand for wider, bigger shots. If these heights are not meeting your needs, feel free to message us so we can work on a custom setup just for you. If you have already purchased a stand and now need and extender kit, please email us.

Need to order replacement pieces ?

If you replacement parts, please send us an email and we will happily send you replacement parts for cost and shipping (no retail markup).

Thank you for shopping handcrafted! I promise you, each sale brings hooping and hollering from actual people! Have an awesome day! ---Jessi and the Crazy Crew


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