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Even though we have toned down the number of crocheted items we offer over the years, it is still a passion for us. So, we will be adding new items here often as we experiment and try new things! Our staples (Octo Cuties, Reusable Water Balloons, and our Shawls) will always be here but check back often since you never know what we will add! 

Crocheted Cuties

A fan favorite since almost day one, our Crocheted Cuties ONLY job is to make you smile! That is it! We have added more species and seasonal cuties with more to come! All are CPSC Compliant so enjoy and rest easy!

Reusable Water Balloons

Water Balloons are a much loved and favored Summer staple! Now, enjoy all the watery fun without the mess and cleanup! Washable, resuable and fun, these are going to make the Summer the best one yet! 

Shawls and Wraps

These gorgeous pieces are typically one of a kind and handcrafted with love and joy added into each stitch. Showcasing an abundance of color and character these would be an amazing addition to any wardrobe!