Hey guys! We are looking to host another Amazon Gift Card Instagram Loop!! This one is going to be aimed at helping a family with their holiday expenses!

The Important Stuff

  • Dates: Friday October 19th (2 pm cst)- Sunday October 21st (7 pm cst)

  • Cost: $16 (see cost break down below)

  • 1 winner of $125 (based on 10 vendors)

  • Entrants will have to comment on each post and follow the poster

  • **We will NOT be accepting products for this event. Only cash for a gift card. This allows the family to purchase a wide range of items.

I would like to gather at least 9 other shops so we can offer a $125 Amazon Gift Card (or more) up to one lucky fan to help with the cost of the holidays! The Loop will run for 3 days so that it is short and sweet. You will have to post at the initial time of 2 pm cst so that the loop can be completed. Failure to post will get you dropped from the rotation until you can post, so please be prompt. I will add everyone to a IG Chat so we can coordinate easier.

I will provide the image to post. While not required, it would be great to give a preview (I suggest 2-3 days and then the day before) as well as reminder posts each day to encourage interaction. This is optional and you know your fans and market better than anyone so feel free to do what works for you. As long as you can post at 2 pm cst you are good. :) 

Once the contest is closed I will randomly pick a winner using random.org. I will then post the winner in the chat. Everyone will then check to make sure the winner is following them and commented on their post. The winner will be announced within 24 hours of the contest closing so please be prompt in responding. 

Cost Breakdown

I believe it is really important for these kind of events (especially when cash is involved) to have transparency. I think it makes everyone feel much better and much more confident when everything is out in the open. I ran several networking pages in the "before time" (aka before I focused on my own business) and always approached it with this manner. We had great turn outs and a wonderful response with the openness! So, with that in mind, here is the break down of how your fee is spent! 

$12.50---> goes directly to the pot for the winner

$3.50 (minus Paypal Transaction fees)---> used directly for boosting and ads (these will be run on both FB and Ig)

I will purchase the Amazon E-Gift Card once the winner is picked. This allows me to email the card directly to the winner. Once the gift card is purchased, I will post confirmation so that everyone sees it was indeed purchased.

You have until the morning of the 15th to withdraw for a refund if you choose. After that you may withdraw, but are not entitled to a refund as the graphics and text will be made. If you fail to post at 2 p.m. cst, you will be temporarily removed from the loop until you can post. It happens and is easily remedied. If you fail to post at all, you will not be entitled to a refund so please be sure you can post. I will also post the information for the boost/ads so that everyone can see where the money is spent as well.   

Upon acceptance I will send you an email and invoice via Paypal. Payment claims and holds your spot. Should something arise and you need to back out, please let me know as soon as you can. You will be entitled to a full refund all the way up to the Monday before the event (the morning of October 15th). This is to avoid any last minute changes to the graphics or amount. So, again, please only submit if you can post. 

I look forward to us working together, grow our Instagram following, and giving a lucky fan an awesome boost for their holiday shopping budget! ~~ Jessi :) 

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I understand that I will not be entitled to a refund if I fail to post or fail to withdrawal before July 26th 2 pm cst.