WHAT: Website Scavenger Hunt to build mailing lists

WHEN: May 24th

I will be offering a prize to a winning participant . You may also elect to offer a prize if you choose. Since this is the first I am trying to grease the gears and see how it will work,  I am limiting it to 5 participants at this time. I will choose the participants based on active social media pages and how nice their websites look.  I am testing out a new giveaway software (YAY) so thank you for trying out as a guinea pig! I want to build our business and I think we can all work on that together! 

What you need to do for this collab:

1. You will need a website with a newsletter signup

2. Share on your FB page and IG account at least once on the 24th with a link to the giveaway page. 

3. Join the group chat for information. 

Participants will be directed to :

1. Go to each website and signup for the newsletter 

2. Locate a Scavenger Hunt item on your main page to fill it in on the main page


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What would you like attention drawn to on your main page? It could be a product listing, a blog post, or anything else. It just needs to be on the main or home page.
Where is the link for your newsletter located? Is it a popup or a manual click?