WHAT: A Loop Giveaway in Instagram to celebrate hitting 2k fans

WHEN: To Be Determined-we have not hit 2k fans yet but are growing cloes

Each participant will be offering a prize to a winning participant with a value of at least $25. As we move closer to hosting the loop I will look closer at apps and pick the final number. I am thinking between 8-10 total shops. There winner will be randomly picked and verified for participation. Stores will be responsible for shipping to the winner. The winner will have to be stateside at this time. I hope to expand to a world wide option later but that will take some more planning. 

What you need to do for this collab:

1. You will need an active IG account

2. Make the initial post at the same time as everyone else so that the loop is complete.  This will be announced once we are closer to the actual giveaway. This is a vital step to ensure that no matter where the participant starts they can make a complete circle all the way back to where they began.

3. Post a reminder post once a day for each of the days we run pointing people back to the original post. I plan to run it for 3 days (most likely Friday-Sunday)

4. Promptly untag the shop after you once the event has closed. This makes it harder for people to unfollow feeds if they were just there to try and win. You WILL get some people like that but I know we can get a good enough reach out there to make this successful! 

5. Join the group chat for information. Once we are closer (currently @1800) we will open the group up to those who have been picked. 

Participants will be directed to :

1. Like each post and follow the poster 

2. Go to the next (via a tag in the photo) and repeat

3. Participants will be encouraged to tag friends but this will not be a requirement to win.

Want to be sure not to miss any collab opportunities? We have an email list JUST FOR YOU!!  

Name *
We will collect photos later for collages and reminders.
Do you agree to ship the prize directly to the winner? All prizes are to be shipped with tracking and tracking numbers provided upon shipment.
Store credit should not expire for at least 3 months. Please include any other stipulations you may have (i.e. not good with sales, not good on shipping, etc).