Reusable Water Balloons-Mixed Solids

Reusable Water Balloons-Mixed Solids

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The feel of a water balloon heavy in your hand is a quintessential part of every childhood summer. The delicious anticipation you have in the moments leading up to the perfect launch can only be realized when that explosion of water contacts your target's skin. No matter how old you are, there’s nothing quite like a water balloon fight. But here’s the thing: You’re a parent now and you realize that those little bits of plastic are not only hard to clean up after the fun is over, but they are also bad for the environment. Inspired by my own childhood fun and my drive to offer eco-friendly alternatives, I’ve created a set of reusable crochet water balloons that has gone viral for its ability to turn your summer fun green. 

Each of these crochet balloons is handcrafted with plush chenille fabric selected for its ability to soak up, and splash, water like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Simply dunk them, grab them, and launch them and you are treated to a summer activity that has been kid tested and Mother Earth approved! 

When you purchase this listing, you’ll get all the following amazing goodies: 

-Six (mixed color) crochet water balloons! 
-One mesh storage/washing bag! 
-One printed and laminated game sheet! 

Meets CPSC Safety Compliance Standards!

Each crocheted water balloon weighs less than an ounce dry but once you load them up with chilly water, they’ll clock in at around eight whole ounces of watery fun! 

If you have a color preference, please write that in the Notes to Seller portion of your order at the time of purchase. Colors will vary based on current inventory but I’m happy to adjust your order if I have your favorite color in stock. As with all water toys, adult supervision is required and these eco-friendly water balloons are not rated for use in children under the age of three. 


Are you looking for the pattern?  You can find it here:

See them in action here:

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